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Parents / Legal Guardians Required

Parental or Guardian supervision required at all times.We are not a daycare.Parents or guardians are required to keep their eyes on their child



Only Socks

Adults, children, and infants are required to have socks at all times.  No shoes or bare feet allowed.



Must be Under 54"

Our play structures were designed for children 54" and under.  Adults please do not ride or play on the structures.  You will be responsible for any damages caused to any equipment.


No Outside Food or Drinks

Only water, baby formula, and those required by a medical professional are allowed.



Sharp Objects

Jewelry, keys, rings, or any other sharp objects are NOT allowed.Please check your children and your belongings to make sure there are no sharp objects.Any damages will be required to be compensated



Listen to the Staffs

Staffs will be walking around to make sure everyone is playing safely.Please no climbing on the nets inside or outside of the equipment.This also includes any poles or any other places not meant to be climbed.



Manners and Courtesy

No pushing, rough play, fighting, or foul language allowed.Parents and children will be asked to leave immediately



Waivers are Required

Waivers must be signed by a parent or a guardian.No individual will be allowed to enter if the waivers are not completed



Cough, Sick, Injured

Parents should know if their child needs rest at home.If they are coughing or is visibly ill, we will ask you to leave with your child.If your child has had any medical condition, we advise the parents to think twice before allowing your kids to play as you are accepting full responsibility.



  "The Golden Rule"

"Do to others what you want them to do to you."


No refunds will be issued if asked to leave for not following our rules

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