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Here at Kidz Town, we understand how precious and important it is to celebrate a loved one’s birthday party. Kids tend to grow very fast and before you know it, the only thing that you can look back on are memories. Kidz Town is devoted to help parents celebrate an unforgettable day for your child by providing several rooms at an affordable price. Parents who would like to tour our facility are more than welcome to come by during our business hours, however, a waiver form must be signed prior to entry.

Just to keep in mind, we are not a day care. Every child must have a parent or a legal guardian present at ALL times and a waiver must be completed by everyone prior to entry. Example of people we do not consider as legal guardians are friend’s parents, teachers, god-parents…please ask us if you have any doubts on who are considered as legal parents.
All rules to any party guests applies equally to everyone. Please read our rules.

*Book a party agreement form needs to be completed and turned in to us within 48 hours of booking your party.  Failure to do so, we reserve the right to cancel your party at any time.

You may print it out and turn it in to us in person or by email.

*Hours and Pricing

Party hours are as follows: 10:00am – 12:00pm, 1:30pm – 3:30pm, 5:00pm – 7:00pm.

We have several sized rooms to choose from. Please read the Party Reservation Information.


Each room shows a total number of adults and kids combined. If you have some extra guests, then an additional $9.50 per guest (regardless if an adult or child) will be applied to a limit. Birthday child, siblings, parents, and grandparents will not count towards the room count.

You are allowed to use the party room for the first one hour and a half. The last 30 minutes will be used by our staff to clean. During that time, your guests may still walk in and out of the room and leave their belongings inside.


*Food and Decorations

We have come across many suggestions as to why parents are always stuck having to purchase food through their facility. Other places may charge you $10 for a large pizza when parents can just get the same exact one for $9.50. We don’t like playing games like that.
Our rooms and our packages do not include any food, decorations, or setup items. We want the parents to have the freedom to feed their kids what they want. What’s the fun in hiring someone else to do all the decorations for you? Remember, every moment is a memory that you get to cherish for a lifetime from picking out the colors, characters, balloons, and setting them up.
If you need help with decorating the room, our staffs will be more than happy to help.
Birthday cake is the only item that our staffs will not help with moving.

Alcohol, smoking, E-cigarettes, foul language, heating devices (ie. crockpot), glitters, and no open flames (except candles) of any kind will be allowed inside the rooms and the whole facility.




Please follow the reservation link to book your rooms. Only rooms size small and medium are available to be booked online. Other sizes will be required to be booked in person during our normal business hours.

A nonrefundable and nontransferable 50% deposit is required at the time of reservation. Please make sure your date and time are correct. Please read all the information in regards to our party disclaimer prior to making a reservation.

Birthday Party Agreement is required to be signed and turned in. Basically, it’s the same thing listed on this page. You are given 48 hours for the form to be signed, initialed, and brought back to us either in person or by scanning and emailing it to us at . We reserve the right to cancel any reservations made if the Birthday Party Agreement form is not turned in and no refunds will be issued.


*Additional and Repeating Information

1. Kids over 54 inches are NOT ALLOWED inside any structures.
2. Only birthday child and direct family members (siblings, parents, grandparents) may arrive 30 minutes early prior to your scheduled party time. Other guests will have to wait. The birthday child may play all they want before the party scheduled time and also throughout the rest of the day.
3. A valid credit card must be held at the front counter during your party scheduled time.
4. Tablecloths are required.
5. Remember, we are not a day care. For each child, there must be a legal guarding or a parent present at all times.
6. Please do not drop off any of your food and drinks prior to your party date. We can start holding them for you the day of your party date. Only decorations can be held prior to your party date, however, we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
7. If there are food vendors delivering food, please ask them to deliver them no longer than 1 hour prior to the party time or during the party time allowed. Adults responsible for hiring the food vendors are required to sign for the delivery. Our staffs will not sign for anything.
8. Please no food trucks allowed on premises. Please be advised that we do not have any oven or microwave in the facility.
9. Our facility will be open to the public during your birthday party time. Please be courteous of others.
10.Absolutely no food or drinks will be allowed outside of the party rooms.
11.It does not matter who comes inside our facility. Socks and only socks will be required to be worn at all times. Forgot to bring them? Don’t worry. We have single pair socks for sale.
12. Any additional guests after the limit allowed will be an additional $9.50 per person only to a certain number.
13. Once the party has ended and your guests decides to stay longer, they may purchase a continuing admission for $8.50 per person.
14. PLEASE follow all rules and please do not try to find a way to bend any regulations. If the limit to a room is 35 and you have 38 people, this does not mean the extra 3 people can purchase general admission and join the party. Kidz Town WILL NOT tolerate such behavior. You will be asked to leave. Please understand that we do not wish to get in trouble with any state, county, or city
15. Only service animals allowed inside the facility.
16. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
17. All other extra vendors (face painting, characters, clown, etc.…) must be approved by our staffs and will be counted as a guest inside the party rooms. Please be aware that paint, manicure, and such others may take time to dry. They will not be allowed to play until it is completely dry. Only waterproof paint is allowed. Piñatas are not allowed.
18. Please only use regular scotch tape. No boxing tape allowed.
19. Unlike other playgrounds, we do not ask for a tip. Don’t worry about any extra hidden charges.
20. A cleaning fee of $75 may be charged if the room(s) is left in a complete mess.

Refer to our Party Agreement Form for more information on our party rental rooms

If you'd like more information please call (562) 420-7529
To book a party please come in person.

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